You are probably WONDERING! What is CONSCIOUSABRAXAS? Let’s break it down into pieces just a scientist ( in a LAB COAT🥼) or conscience. in the psychology perspective conscious means thinking ( the brain is always thinking since birth). Noted; since birth it is called Tabula Rasa; Literally, means starting blank. As a whole in biology educational perspective. The biology of each part of the human organ’s is always active thinking sending signal to other neurons, and send a proximation of obscure language in interaction. E,g., When a person is famished; The stomach organs send a signal to the conscious awareness it is time to hunt for food. Abraxas were first discovered by the famous Carl Jung ( the greatest pioneers of our time). Abraxas is a symbolic of good and evil. E,g., which are the Ying-Yang, pro, and cons, disadvantage or advantage etla… Once we have become individual self efficacy. We love ourself more, and connected to each person. Often hear two side of the stories criticism, i,e,. Which is the person perceived bad, or the person is good, and so on; This is an ambiguity, or polarity. We are to balancing our life habitual empirical views. Noted; World is changing constantly everyday. Our job is to promote MENTAL WELLNESS. Enjoy this site, and be CONSCIENTIOUS!