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The view of emotions, is a formulation from non cognitive, since the possibility of moral knowledge and the existence of objectivity moral truths . It was quoted by Richard Mervyn Hare.It is basically saying the external environment has an effective to our conscious decision. E,g, In a bad environment is able to create anxiety. My current situation is looking at this tablet screen. The gestalt illusion is showing my cognitive process of mental image ( of something i did last night). I was cleaning the kitchen late at night, and doing chores. I also was preparing the next day of. The environment does has an affect to cognitive abilities. One thing, is to not let anxiety to disrupt the present moment. It does sound easy, but overthrown the facade is going to make life decision less arduous. “ You never what life is going to bring to you”. This is my share of today! Have fun experience, and enjoy life as you were brought up to do in this planet.