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Does my opinion matters? I have always recollection from peers from outstanding research. Which are from books, the peer are in the foundation of psychology. The theory of mind or the brain ( both are the same). Has claim it is a mental activities. All those are neurological events in the brain. With both combine as a theory, it is a functionalism. Which is saying without a mind, the neurological is not going to function. Therefore, using the mind, we are capable of winning the day. The mind, body, spirit is the walk of life. The interconnected neurons are to communicate. They are a passion to the frontal lobe ( i,e, conscious decision). The body in a better perspective, which is allocate to the heart. Is always speak from the heart, not from anger, or depression state. I am a hole, also are you. Remember, the universe has something for us in the obscure cosmics. The more we are active, and the neuron vicariously. Is going to lead a great new chapter in your life so am I.