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I am human being with citations

I believe in this modern society, is citation a credibility from research. Everything is able to be discovered in the search engine ( i,e, Google, or Bing, etl…)Sometimes, I am called upon a stoic kinda guy. The stoic notion, the human nature is the highest natural law ( Bassham, 2016). My background is psychology. Sigmund Freud on his adventure as a psychoanalysis He had discovered the nature of each individual human beings. Each has confound the primary nature from both caregivers. This is not a surprise at all. The external value is I am called a stoic person. Which is saying my nature not to worried about people wrongs. But, I am a mirror to the cosmic external, and help many to realize just to live life the right way, or the right path. The choice has already made from our β€œDNA”. in philosophical term the natural law is ofcrouse coming from our own nature. Thus, it is called a stoic world.