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Compassion is a a mutual compassion. In a social constructs, if the physical body at a lower frequency, e,g, anger, rage, fear, and violence. The physical body is at a distance or aloof from the world. When connected with heart, an speak with the mind. It is free from guilt. Catharsis method is a great way to release excessive baggage from the past. The irony, if it does have a purpose on the psyche from growing. Internal feeling is seeking for a solution. The answer is always in front of us. Releasing, is the talking cure ( the pioneers of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud had believe talking session work), from the burden of the past. Remember! The motor skills of our lips moving with actions verbs. Which is connected to our moral values, and philosophy of life. Those working motor skills ( social talking), is the realization for the existence, and not our fault. We all having the experience. Wether looking deep into our memories of the first awaken moments. In the end, from a global perspective we all are human beings.