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This organ (brain) when learning new things, these new tiny connections in the brain actually multiply and get stronger. It is saying, there is always room for growth. The more challenge for the mind, more brain cells grow. No wonder, it is easy for genuiss to do a task. You are a genius so does the smarter brain. The explicable is to look for a vocation; never, look for an excuse to miss an opportunity. You never know, the new paradigm shift of learning new materials is going to change your life. Or meeting new people, you have never come though of. Remember! “Always look forward not backward”. Isn’t the way the society has progress, from idiosyncratic of learning how to write or doing math. Look how much society has done for us. I am able to connected with you through the fiber cable call the internet. Geniuse is inside everything. All You have to do look for a vocation, and make this planet a better place for the new future newcomer or incomer in the next hundreds years.