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Cultural concepts

No matter, where you have been born or raised. The internal culture has shape our lives. It is part of our personalities, identity, and the important chance we made. I that part of our destiny, or the illusionary we are inbred too. I was born an raise in Haiti ( a small city called Jacmel). In continuation of my life, I had moved to another continent, i, e, United Stated of America. Noted; America is full of complexity of cultures. Through my earliest memories, the first time my footstep in the land of opportunities, were bohemian. For a single person coming from my aboriginal land is a lot to take in. (Friedman, 2016), culture is the key aspect of who we are. My consciousness is alienated to this new experience. I have make amends to my internal self, and enjoy this experience on this land ( USA). Furthermore, my life has change from countless encounter with many cultures. Was it worth it? Yes, I have met an amazing people through my journey. I am awareness of the idiosyncratic of transference had made my identity ( whatever, the innumerate of the Good, Bad, and Ugliness). Those experiences conditions, have made I, myself understand the world…..