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Listening is chemical interchangeable

Only, Lord or Google search knows how many implicit words are out there. Wether, I am hearing new alienated word. Some how, my intelligence is knowingly what does the mean ( it is like a quick recognition of the subconscious mind). Just like a newborn understand the human language before knowing the language ( Paul, Bloom 2008). This is what they called wisdom. Of course, I am not able to remember vividly first time I was born. It has stays with me in Continuation of life. The power of listening, is the chemical neurological inside the brain. The present self is always questioning; am I right? The limbic system is conduce with fear, and anxiety. The intentionally, is I am right after all. The power of listenin, is different from communication . Wait, this is a paradox. How is this possible? True, both communication, and listening are intertwined. The missing point is the gestalt effect; Looking at a beautiful art, entering a room full of strangers, my consciousness is formulated of understanding from the mind eye. E,g, from a scientist psychology perspective is the chemical neurons; they are communicating with the synapses making a cipher of understanding the external world. LISTENING, is coming from the primitive sight, hearing, touch, and smell.