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The conception of playing

We are not the victims, but part of the cosmo parameter decision (as a whole). Every step, decision making in this planet is part of the the inferences. Reminiscing, living in this planet with the rest of population. I am not condole of being a victim, it is a consequences of the outcome. In my teenage years, in space crossing the streets. I was not paying attention of the crossways streets. The bus almost hit me in just a few inches ( otherwise, it was going to be a castratophich accident). Luckily, the bus diver were paying attention, and immediately press the break, and press to horn; to give myself attention. That second moment, I had realizing my existence of the self. Reminder, no one has told me about the existence of life. It had approach my consciousness decision making. WE MUST KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THE RULES OF THE GAME ( Nichols, 2017). This desirable moment, had knew the concept of playing the game is to be safe. That ahah moment, my life has change for the better, or the cohesiveness what life is about. This has implanted with me for a long time. Yes! We are all scientists in meticulously way.