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Transition of experience

The cliches is, the though patterns, and behavior define underneath our skin. This statement is easy to allocate a single self. What about the philosophy view of life, religions, and many other that we are adapt too? (Friedman, 2016), the concept of personality psychology have intend to avoid the abstract of philosophy, religions. Well! Philosophy has multi layer to choose from. E,g, the psychology sub field were influenced by greatest pioneers Rene Descarte. Yes, he was a great thinker of our times. As many sub-programs are biennial mitosis, and growing. My life of philosophy has deviate plenty of times. Mainly, of encountering people with different view of philosophy of life and religions. They have stick to this measure, and gratefully help them in this divine cosmos. I have taken notes from each different single person perspective of life ( I am not here to change people). It had formulated the view of philosophy, and religious. No wonder, I have chosen abraxas as part of my philosophy. On the other hands, religious is life, and navigation through the best experiences.