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Present moment matters

knowledge has always been in front our eyesight. Paying attention is difficult, because of the ego, and the superego. Noted; The ID is the pleasurable of the cynical self. Sigmund Freud had brought this concept attention. It had came to the pop psychology mainstream. the problematic is not horrendous. Has forgotten the abstract of each intention purpose. As I am writing this, the textual content is about my systematic past life. ( Micheal, 2017), Once we have begin to open our eye, minds, and heart to enter deeply into the present moment. E,G, In my earliest years of experience, I was a little naive. I was not paying attention to class ( which is math). My high school math teacher has divulge is being used on everything. Quietly, I was a little naive. Later in my life, I was reading the history of mathematics. I had discovered advance math (calculus) are being used on everything from measure a height through internet algorithms codes. Rest assure, Staying in the present moment has many benefits to our future and beyond.