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Processing information!

Our internal conflict has a tendency of biase decision. in that treason, each individual person has a different of reality view ( culture). No wonder, a person is reading a book. the book contains, let’s say it is about six hundred pages. humans is not plausible to remember every word of information ( unless the person is a savant). Beside, we are living in a cosmos full of information. David bohm is a profound physicist of the 20th century. His saying were knowledge is a by product (Micheal t. 1992). Knowledge is information, and able to interpret in the human social language. Additionally, the frontal lobe, i,e, conscious attention and decision is by tidbits. Another interpretation, each information is a bit. One bit is a memory; the correlation of the human mind is a neurological cortex memory. From birth to an adult, the memory has become fuzzy. It is horrendous to think, at the age of a sixty year old to remember a teenage years lifetime. Is going to be denigrate for remember past life. Asking an adult or elderly about their past life, has to go back in the memory lane to process the information. In a spiritual scripture it is called wisdom. the concept from neuropsychology is the self conscious formulating internal clock from the past experience. Is trying to connect the synapse in making into a cognitive, and interpreted into a stories. The tidbit of the past memory information is processing. It has overlay, into spoken words, or writing on a paper. That is how, we are able to to send text, email within each other, or a Professor reading an essay