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The misconception of subconscious, and conscious

Through literature, mainstream media, teaching, may have the conception of the conscious, and the subconscious ( I am talking about the iceberg picture). in implicit picture gestalt detail is, the iceberg frame is the conscious mind on top of ocean. The unconscious mind is beneath the ocean level. The picture is mischievous. In adoration, is how human interaction in every day lives. In one way, it is awfully right. The resentments each part instinction of subconscious, and conscious are cognizant. unconscious mind is able to grasp 11 million pieces of information per second, meanwhile, conscious mind manageable information is 40 ( Coyle, 2019). E,g, nature versus nurture is a complex mechanical process. I had remembered wanting for my turn to give a speech in-front of a class. The announcement fro the Professor for each speech is 15 minutes or more in-front of the class. The class is full of different ethics of audience. Prior a week before, I had practice in my internal mind, such as remembered cue words, reading words out loud ( The week were a stressful to grasp all the information, and try not forget on on the time of the speech). Behind the transparency, is the subconscious mind recording somewhere in the 11 million piece of information. When the times has arrived for my turn to give a speech. in that moment, I had anxiety, and went straight blank in not remember every word. I payed for the class, and cannot afford to take again. As presenting my power point, and speech, I had let go in a relax sensation, and bear with confident. Everything, i had remembered were coming out smoothly through my motor speech ( hence, some were out of context). I managed to get back on track through my presentation speech. Noted; the subconscious mind that we’re recording past information. It were interpreting in the social human language. The asphorism is both subconscious and conscious mind are interrelated. The divulge, as a whole we are constantly recording, no matter if we don’t remember bit of information