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Social imitation creates group leader’s

It takes courage for a team to lead an organization. It is everywhere, from small businesses, to a larger cooperation business. In a metaphorical psychological perspective, it is named hierarchy of needs. Which was invented by doctor Abraham Maslow. Going bank in the ancient Egypt, had developed a cathedral of pyramids. It has resonated into multidimensional way, i,e, mention before heirarchy of need was developed for individual person nature. Physic of mathematics used this method, which is called tetrahedral. It is no coincidence, this method still used today. This formulation had kept everything, from collapsing. In an implicit details, let’s have a start at the bottom of the pyramid heirarchy of needs. This is the underdogs, making sure the physical strength intact ( air, food, water health) . The next part is security; making sure the need is appropriate of safety, shelter, and stability. Next is the social needs; which is looking for belonging, and inclusion. Ego, is the self esteem power, recognition, and prestige. Lastly, the top of the pyramid is self actualization. This interaction, has a created a social imitation of group leader’s. Professor Whitton had discovered a human social beings of constant change of life realm. The unusual state of consciousness of each individual social beings. The self awareness, had heightened moral and ethical sense ( holographic universe, 1992). Basically, the systematic of a group leader had created an internal affair of ethic, and moral. The demographic of a work place have shown it. For example, working for a company has an instrument of atmosphere. If an employee had left the job. The employee is stilled in contact with former employee of the company. The external -employee had asked the employee working for the company. How is the company? The response is to this question, it is the same as you left it. The moral of the stories, the pyramid is a great effective through, company’s, and friends, and many more.