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Foreboding of what actually is happening

Us human being have the abilities to see the future prediction. How is that possible? It is easy, we all often see ourself in the five years into the future to be successful in life. In a mature conversation, or in an industry is being asked where do you stand in five years. Most of the time, has to think about what does the future bear in a complex life. The future is not here yet, except the present moment of our life. Additionally, the decision is being made every minute. Thinking of the future is beautiful. Most people think of being successful, having a family, great career, least lead to somewhere in a peaceful environment. As the author of this blog, getting older, and looking back it is pretty bumpy ride. E,g, meeting people with different ideas is able to change a person lives in instant. The destination is the motive for each one of us. We often lie about it, in front of strangers or close friend. The reasoning, is the formidable in a social interaction; People might say, the wrong thing to distraught the lead of destination. Or is it, a test from other humans just to see if capable in a social interaction. Just as the cliche scripture, is word cant hurt the internal emotions. The nature of many precognitive process experiences had provided adequate evidence that the ability to foresee the future is a holographic phenomenon (holographic universe, 1992). In a minefield of the cosmos, the hunch is to see the future to get out of this battle minefield. It is no surprise, asking a couple; is this person a marriageable into the future? Especially, in a secret conversation the honesty is going to come out. Folks, the evident has alway been there.