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Fish in a pond ( physician perspective)

In the cosmos world, the environmental is making decisions autonomously without knowing it. How is that possible? Partially, predecessor of psychologist had admitted the environment makes part of our personality. Here is the reason of it, in an enmeshment home environment a family. Each distinctive family have a unique personality. E,g, the father has an aggressive personality, the mother has a passivity personality. Their first child is born is mix with both personality, minus the external outside environment activities ( which are concurs with nature, and nurture). That is a quite possibly, and facsimile to distinguish. Furthermore, with life both parent had conceived another child. The child is born into that nature. Which is considered the nurture of the inside family group home. As years goes, by the second is nurture both each individual family. The concept of the is building a personality for the second child. This is where the child inborn, and recognize years later as an adult life. The aboriginal of the personality the child has bear coming from ( it does sound a nightmarish of the second child). Of course, the second child is going to adapt habitual from the secondary personality outside environment nurture. “ We’re all guinea pigs in the laboratory of God’ ( Tennessee William, 1953). Without, the knowledge of the concept of psychology of aboriginal, as asking a stranger where is the nurture of the personality coming from. Most likely, or probably, is through humanism. It is very common; does not want to think the self as a fish in a pond. It is going to make them feel internal. They do not have a free will. “ Free will is a decision from the cosmos environment”. Wether, the person has giving an homework to do, or a task. Which is coming from a superiority officer. This is the introduction of a humanistic psychology comes from. Has to analyze the eccentric behavior from the second child. Which is inexplicably from both parents cant distinguish. Foremost, the illusory as a demographic is how to predict the economic using the method of statistical.