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Deeper understanding of each other

In a social conflict, must have to respect each other question, and connect. Sometimes, the question’s is able to deviate to a personal issues ( or it can hurt our integrity) . For instance, in social conversation is can go a little deeper. Maybe, it is to understand each other more? As having a vulnerable question from a personal background; It is to get a common ground, and relate. We all are human with internal experiences. Most of the of the time, we intended to cohesive this complex planet. The truth is, we do not. I had tried to, understanding this. Roughly, I had came out wrong with the situation. Unless, I am asking why is this happening. “ Not even the smartest person can understand, it just leave clueless intention. Our sense of power is more vividly when the man hear is broken into pieces, the then his broken heart echelon back togetherness ( Eric Hoffer, 1954). E,g., in a roommate conflicted situations. There are three roommates living under one roof. One roommate had saved a dinner plate for later to eat after work. The second roommate, we’re actually lazy to make food instead of making bear to cook food in the kitchens. Furthermore, the second roommate had eaten the food without the deign of asking, or bother shoot a text for the dinner plate inside the fridge. As time goes by, the second room who is patiently waiting for the dinner plate ( it is all gone). Of course, the second roommate is strenuously upset for the dinner plate. Under the roof of three roommates living in. The social conversation battle ha begun. The second roommate, were being strongly assertive toward the other. The spirit of the first roommate heart had broken into pieces. How to evaluate this situation? It is to get into in a vulnerable conservation with open heart. Gradually, everyone under the roof heart puzzle is being put back to normal. This is how about of growth of relationship, and building trust.