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Analysts is better than assumptions.

It is natural of our own being to begin with assumption ( the self intuitive conflict). Wether, we are in watching a film, listening to music, or looking from a balcony eyesight, and staring down at the pedestrian, and make prediction assumptions. The cognitive abilities is going to make the natural assumption. How pure is the natural effective? Well, It is only pure with a similar experience, or seeing the same transaction ( i,e, watch the same behavior factor). That is when the analysis comes along. Prior of the eccentric behavior. The mind is capable of analysis the event. After watching the oddly behavior. The self is able to explain in a implicit details. To decipher of a puzzling unusual behavior; The first order, is start out with a situational analysis ( this contain information from “ The Lucifer effect” by Philip Zimbardo). This novel is about the human behavior animal in a constraint cell room. Now! Back to the point is assumption is great for partially. It is not actually factual. In fact it is going to stand in a denial position. As gradually, watching the behavior in a retention, the mildly is enticing into a plus parameter sign. E,g., A manager is working a for a company for a few months. The manager description is to make sure the employees are intact with the work ethics. At the end of the six month’s there is an evaluation from the corporate company ( Yes, the company up above needs rapport). The manager has to provided information of what is going inside the ecosystem of the employee. Moreover, the manager has to analyze the employee work ethics, and making sure everything is running smoothly. How is that possible? Every company has an instrument. The bystander of the manager employee is watching very closely of the employee work ethics. The employee is able to analyze, and predict. Within, the six month’s evaluation the manager is able to diminish the assumption