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We are living in an environment of mass omnipotent information. It is easily to be suck in the black hole of someone else perspective. This is why vicariously an important issues of our own inner world. The cosmic external consciousness, is sometimes make decisions for us. Then, the transference has enter the conscious mind ( the mind has become a follower of the external environmental). Maybe, this is the way the global works from a perspective. As the NASA company, has send the astronauts outside the earth planet. Do the astronauts has ever wonder, this is life decision coming from multidimensional culture. As to, a person has become a successful to the world. That successful is being interviewed. The inquisitive question has always being asked. Where is the inspiration, and admiration coming from? Here is a statement from a novel; Once, a person has put a uniform from a workplace. The person has become part of the culture. Which is the company. The novel author has going on implicit details is as wearing a street clothes. That person is playing a different role ( Guard Hellman). E,g., in a religious perspective ( noted; This is a biased opinion, not intended to step on anyone personal notion shoes), before Christianity had became a worldwide sensational religion. Jesus, had to show’s the Jew, and Hebrew of the way of life. Beforehand, it was only the top priest only living the good life. While, the rest of the humanities living as peasant. Jesus Christ himself, has to stand up to their to the top priest intellectual standard. himself, had grown through trial, and tribulation. Which is with the top priest. When, the top priest had no other options on their manipulation of deck of cards. Eventually, Christ had win by the people. Now, in the modern society, citizen of earth are using a religious as a vicariously to win any obstacle battle.