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Madness is upon call as pathological behavior

Everyone is born with a method; It does not matter of their background, of which they are from. Starting from an Indigenous people ( The Native American), had no compass back in their time. Surely, they had a method in the environment nature. That is the way, to survive with limitless technology. When is a derange behavior coming from a person. Is that oddly behavior severe? Possible, the person is able to function to our society. It is going to affect this person close family, or can’t handle daily activities on a job description. Maybe, this person is no fit to this type of other work ethics, except to leave. From a psychiatrist, or psychology is needed a treatment. This pathological behavior from this person is belong to an asylum clinic. Also, being in a constant watch by a clinical supervisor. This famous author ( Nichola Meyer), had comeback line with a parallel of a fictional character to a real human being psychoanalysis. MADNESS IN NORMAL PEOPLE, ( which is Sherlock Holmes asked Sigmund Freud) have successfully taking my methods for observation and inference and applying them to the inside of a subject patient head. That is a brilliant comparison example note taking. Truthfully, from the ordinary people without the proper skills, through a PhD level have used this method to understand other people strange behavior. Wait! This is an ambiguity level of a mirror watching. In this material world including the textbook, have to explain those type of behavior. E,g, a parent has a child. Every day, the parent is watching the child method. From the day the child is born, and leaving the house to explore the world. The parent is deeply known the child method of behavior. No wonder, the parent’s have the known their child better than anyone else outside the family group.