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Curated, by a psychology major, Mr. Jeff, Zephirin. I am a freelancer, and start up business. Here is a history about myself.; I have been studying Psychology for about five years. The reason, I have chosen this field. In my early years of age, I was ten years old. In a Small town, of Randolph i,e, it is locate Up north Boston Massachusetts. Ten year old self, had went to library, was inquisitive about books. The first book, I picked up in my hand to read were psychology. From that moment, my intuitive complex knew which path to go. In the present moment, I am currently learning about psychology. Pretty much, the rest of my life is about psychology. Though my college experience, I had picked up certificates for psychology. Which they are Social- Behavioral education research, and Mental Health First AId. In the future, I am planning to gain more certification. The purpose is the love of gain knowledge, and credibility.